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Sydney Opera House Tour

Sydney Opera House - iconic the world over. You don't even have to have stepped foot on the continent of Australasia to recognise it. I first recall seeing pictures of the Sydney Opera House when I was about 5yrs old, not pictures of it in all of its glory as it stands now but pictures… Continue reading Sydney Opera House Tour

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The worst hotel room ever!

The Cambridge Hotel - Riley St, Surry Hills, Sydney.It's not just the room either - The pool is minging!! 🤮 Coming to Sydney was really important to me, there is a lot of family history and emotional links here to my late brother which make it more of a pilgrimage than a holiday! It was… Continue reading The worst hotel room ever!

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Review: Treetops Executive Residences, Singapore.

Treetops Executive Residences was a fantastic find for a family based stay in Singapore. Located at 7 Orange Grove Road, it lays just a few metres away from the junction of Orchard Road & Tanglin Road, both of which host an array of shops, restaurants & bus stops. The nearest bus stop which includes that… Continue reading Review: Treetops Executive Residences, Singapore.

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Tailor Made in Singapore.

Never in my life have I ever had any clothes made for me and at 5'10" & currently carrying far more weight than I care to admit to plus being very pear shaped, I really struggle to find well fitting clothes. 😢 I can't tell you how many times I have just stood in fitting… Continue reading Tailor Made in Singapore.

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Gardens by the Bay – Singapore

One thing I am learning about travelling is that it doesn't matter how many photos you look at, or much you read about certain places in advance, nothing comes close to actually being there - taking in a 360 degree, three dimensional view, absorbing sights, sounds & smells etc. That is most certainly true of… Continue reading Gardens by the Bay – Singapore

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The Owls in Builth Wells

Checked in for 2 nights, left after 1 H is for HOSPITALITY H is for Hmmph 😠I am not one to readily complain and I do always try and give praise where praise is due. When I started our big travels last year I had fully intended to review all accommodation we stayed in, but… Continue reading The Owls in Builth Wells

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Motion Sickness Patches – The pros, cons and potential side effects.

My problem with using motion sickness patches was not so much the wearing of them but the post-withdrawal symptoms.....As with all medical products there are always going to be some side effects which happen to some people, so please don't let my experience with patches put you off trying them as you may have great… Continue reading Motion Sickness Patches – The pros, cons and potential side effects.

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Review of Iglu Cruises ‘Rail and Sail’

Chicago - Memphis - New Orleans via Amtrak and 7 night Caribbean Cruise from New Orleans on Carnival Dream. As this trip draws towards a close it is hard to believe that we have packed so much into just two weeks. It has been both exhilarating and exhausting at the same time (remembering that I… Continue reading Review of Iglu Cruises ‘Rail and Sail’

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The Polar Express – New Orleans.

Having a 21 yr old and a 7 yr old means that I have over the years been to all sorts of Christmas & Santa experiences. I have even taken the kids to Lapland (Artic Circle, Finland) to see Santa 3 times at 3 different resorts. This Polar Express train ride however beat absolutely every… Continue reading The Polar Express – New Orleans.

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The Rocky Mountaineer

I would 100% recommend this trip, I honestly don't have a bad word to say, it was possibly two of the best days of my life - and that's coming from someone with extensive world wide travel experience, specialising in the luxury travel market.