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Work/Life balance and Celebrating Love 💖

I doubt I am different to anyone else in striving to find that perfect work/life balance. For many years I was a wage slave in the corporate world, having to go crawling to my boss and beg every time I so much as wanted a few hours hours off. I am also blessed that for… Continue reading Work/Life balance and Celebrating Love 💖

People We Meet

A warm Tennessee welcome….

After booking a combined rail and cruise package which include a 2 day stay in Memphis I was really excited as a visit to Graceland had been on my bucket list for about as long as I can remember, especially because (as I have mentioned in a previous blog) my Dad and Elvis Presley shared… Continue reading A warm Tennessee welcome….

People We Meet

People We Meet – An Introduction.

CELEBRATING LIFE, PEOPLE & FRIENDSHIPSEver have a day when you want to shut yourself away and not speak to anyone?? Yup I have them too! ......But, in all honesty they are rare I would very much consider myself to be a 'people person'. I LOVE people (most of the time!) and I love people watching.… Continue reading People We Meet – An Introduction.