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Friends we connect with along the way!

I have been a little late in getting this ‘people we meet’ page of my blogs going. I have been so tied up and busy with everything else! I have also discovered it’s actually pretty hard going up to people you hardly know and saying “Hi can I take your photo and add your picture and story to my social media?”

However we have been very lucky to meet up with some very special people along our journey with whom we are already connected with in some way.

Enjoying lunch in New Jersey and catching up for the first time in over 8 years.

Back in October Cameron and I were lucky enough to meet up with this lovely lady Ruthann Disotell at the State Liberty Park in New Jersey. I am already fortunate to class Ruthann as a friend, a lady who is truly beautiful both inside and out. Ruthann, like myself is a Funeral and Marriage Celebrant, she is also a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer in the USA.

I originally met Ruthann back in 2007 when we both attended an International Celebrants Convention hosted by the In-Sight Institute in Oklahoma City. After we subsequently connected on Facebook our friendship grew and in 2010 after my daughter Georgia and I disembarked a cruise ship in New Jersey Ruthann was kind enough to collect us from our ship and take us back to her home in Clinton where she and her husband Tommy hosted us both overnight. An unforgettable evening for many reasons, but for Georgia and I it was the first time we had ever seen fireflies! – something which we gazed at in awe as we basked in the warmth of a lovely summers evening from Ruthann’s hot-tub!

Ruthann is the owner of celebrancy business Celebration of a Lifetime, and until recently she also hosted a local radio programme ‘Celebration Hour’. On two occasions she kindly invited me to be her guest on the show where we discussed ceremonies, funeral rituals and celebrations on both side of the pond.

On this more recent trip to the USA we were delighted when staying in New York City that Ruthann suggested coming across to New Jersey on the Ferry to meet up at the State Liberty Park in New Jersey. We were of course delighted to accept her invitation.

I would highly recommend that anyone visiting NYC take the opportunity to cross the water and see the breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline from the other side of the water. It is quite spectacular and also houses the lesser known memorial ‘Empty Sky’. It’s focal point opens out to the empty sky where once the might Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre stood before falling during the tragic events of 9/11/2001

‘Empty Sky ’ Memorial to 9/11 at State Liberty Park, New Jersey
Manhattan Skyline as seen from State Liberty Park, New Jersey

Our day with Ruthann was so special and so much fun. We explored a large de-commissioned railway station (which Cameron spied from about half a mile away!), had a wonderful lunch and then spent the afternoon playing, exploring & learning at the local Science Centre.

Ruthann & Cameron building constructions together at the Science Centre.

All too soon the day was over, it was time to say goodbye and catch the Ferry back to NY.

We had such a wonderful day together, we were truly blessed to spend the day with Ruthann and to celebrate a friendship which now spans over many years and many many miles.

“Though miles may lay between us, we’re never far apart, for friendship doesn’t count distance, it is measured by the heart”


1 thought on “Friends we connect with along the way!”

  1. It was wonderful to renew our connection and a delight to meet Cameron. He is so bright and full of conversation. I wish we could have had more time. So many trains; so little time.
    Please give my very best to your companion of the first visit. I’m sure Georgia has grown into a beautiful young woman and is enjoying travel as a profession.
    Do come again.


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