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2019 – The itinerary so far

There were no New Years Resolutions for me this year, a) I usually break them within the first month b) I have learnt that any new day is a chance to start again, we don’t have to wait until 1st January.

I am also possibly one of the few successful business people who NEVER set goals. Now I know that many life coaches swear by them, the great Tony Robbins who I follow avidly is one of those people and I respect all accordingly. For myself and my business however I have only ever set ‘intentions’ – intentions cannot be broken, they can’t not be met and they can never give you a sense a failure. Goals however can be and do all of the above.

I set all of my intentions however large or small and then I use focus and mindset to go about actively manifesting them. That is the only way I have got to where I am now. There is no there is no ‘get rich quick’ scheme (trust me I have researched and tried many). I am now 48 – it has taken 30 years of hard work, focus, motivation and many years of mortgage payments to finally get to the place where I am now where I can up-roots, travel around the world in luxury and live my dream life.

For personal safety reason I never publicly give away too much about our exact locations until after the event, (other than the odd check in’s on facebook which can only be viewed by my friends)

However I am very excited about the travel itinerary we have planned to take us up to September when Cameron is due to go back to school. There are a many ticks I shall be adding to my bucket list along the way!

We are back in the U.K. now until the end of this month as I have some work to do as well as friends & parents to catch up with, not to mention a lot of organising & packing to do for us both before we set off on this next marathon adventure around the globe.

The next few months will pretty be as follows.

Our first flight out of London at the end of the month will see us fly to Kuala Lumpar where we will then spend just over 3 weeks in Malaysia and Singapore.

Kuala Lumpar

From there we will fly to Australia where we will spend the next two months, this will include time in Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns (from where will will visit the Great Barrier Reef), Port Douglas (where we are already booked on to Kuranda Sky Rail) and our final port of call will be to Ularu/Ayers Rock where we have all sorts of exciting activities & excursions all ready booked.

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Kuranda Sky Rail, Queensland, Australia

We also have 6 weeks booked at sea (not all in one go). Our time in Australia will be broken up with a 2 week cruise out of Sydney where we will sail around both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Then after a shorter land stay in N.Zealand we will voyage across the seas again stopping at 10 South Pacific Islands before we finally sail into San Francisco just under a month later.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

I know I shall leave another little bit of my heart in San Francisco when two weeks later we shall fly out to Maui, Hawaii and later back to SFO. We will fly home to the U.K. from San Francisco and after another pit stop back here in June, it will be onward for 5 weeks in Bali and Hong Kong. What the future holds after that is anyone’s guess…….

Maui, Hawaii

To say we are excited is a bit of an understatement, but we are delighted to have you all aboard and to be able to share our journey with you.

The sky line of Hong Kong

(All photos in this blog are from Google images)


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