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Want to make more money for travelling? Read on…….

Is there really such thing as money for nothing?

Well YES, at the moment it actually appears that there really is, and you can start earning it with FREE SHARES right now by simply clicking this link:

But first let me explain a little bit more behind this and why I have decided to share it within one of my travel blogs.

I belong to numerous travel related forums on Facebook and the one question which comes up time and time and time again is “how can I make money to go travelling?”

On a personal level I have wished for a long time that I had the magical answer to that one. For myself it has been 30 years of hard labour and saving. For years I struggled to make ends meet, sometimes working 3 jobs at once. I clearly remember trudging the the streets with a young baby in the dark, wet & cold to collect Betterware orders from peoples doorsteps, then being a party plan rep hosting cookery equipment parties in peoples homes. Whilst pregnant with my daughter 22 years ago I was working 8.30am- 6pm Monday to Friday in my regular job and then working in the local petrol forecourt on all day Saturday & Sunday until just 3 wks before she was born, just to try and cover the bills and to ensure I could feed & clothe my soon-to-be baby. I signed up to numerous network marketing companies selling various products over the years, each time with the hope of ‘financial freedom’. Trust me, you name it and I have probably done it….oh, and I cried A LOT of tears too as the money ran out long before pay day each month! I felt both helpless & hopeless as an individual and as a single mother.

My one saving grace however was being able to get on the property ladder at the age of just 19. It was a massive struggle in the early years and even meals out were were unheard of, let alone holidays. The thought of one day being able to travel around the world felt like a million light years away. I had my dreams but the thought of ever realising them seemed like an impossibility.

Slowly as the years passed though my property increased in value, I was able to borrow against the equity and put down a deposit on another house, and then another one. Initially the rental income only just covered the mortgages and it was a massive financial risk at the time, then having not 1 but 3 mortgages before the age of 32. Eventually however as rents increased a little each year I started making profit, a profit which increased year on year. It was eventually enough to completely cover the mortgage payment on my main home, meaning that income I earned from working only had to cover the bills …and suddenly I was able to start having holidays, one a year, then two a year, then three….

Then in 2017, after 27 long years of mortgage payments I finally owned my home outright and I was able to save 100% of my rental income towards travelling around the world and living my dream life.

Alongside this of course I have worked my butt off over the last 16 years to grow a successful business; it has often meant sacrificing precious time with my family, shedding blood, sweat and tears along the way, taking risky decisions but always working with passion, integrity and a ‘YES I CAN ACHIEVE THIS’ attitude. Failure was never an option.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do in life there will be some people who will try and knock you down, but so long as you never lose sight of your dreams, never lose you positivity, determination & integrity then trust me you WILL succeed.

I share this with you now simply to show that it has taken many, many years of hard work to achieve my goals. I haven’t won the lottery, found a get rich quick scheme or received a huge inheritance from a long lost uncle (I am still waiting for all of the above)

Want more cash in your hand within the next couple of weeks?

Now, having worked in Financial Services and as a Building Society Manager in a past life, I know my way around most risks, scams and investments. I am both cautious and careful when I see new money making schemes being flashed around on social media, ( I am also certainly responsible enough not to recommend anything on my blogs without fully checking them out for myself first), so when I recently saw a friend of mine making money very quickly from a promotional investment scheme ‘Trading 212’ I decided it was worth investigating further, and boy I am very glad that I did because it works.

The best thing about this plan is that you only need to invest £1 …yes you read correctly JUST £1 – the friend who introduced me to this has now made over £1000 in less than two week and I am fast catching up with her just one week in.

Just £1 is all it takes to enter the free shares promotion with Trading 212

How it works is that when you open an investment account with your £1, Trading 212 will give one free share to you and one free share to the person who introduced you. Then once your account is up and running all you need to do is to re-share your own new link with your network and for everyone that also opens their new account with £1 you will receive one more FREE share. The more people you introduce, the more free shares you will receive. Each share can be worth anything from £1 – £100.

My first share was E.ON stock worth £9.69 so I had an instant profit on my £1 investment. Most of my subsequent shares have been around the £9-£10 amounts with my largest one being £23, however another friend of mine received one share of £95

My 1st FREE share, many more have followed

You can sell your shares within 5 working days and receive the money directly back in your bank account. (If you want to leave the shares for longer term investment then of course you can. Remember that the value of shares can then go up or down but your original £1 will always be safe….what have you got to lose?)

So…do you want some more money towards your next holiday? (or indeed anything)

Here’s what you need to do next….

1) Follow this link to set up your Trading 212 Account (You will need to have your National Insurance number to hand, and you ‘may’ be asked for I.D. which can take upto 7 days to verify.

Click here to set up your new Trading 212 account.

2) IMPORTANT – You must click on the middle of the three options shown below, to invest, rather than trade.

Ensure you click on the middle option above ⬆️

3) Your account may be active immediately, or may take upto 7 days to verify I.D. if requested. Once open deposit your £1.00

4) Share your new unique link for free shares with your own network and then sit back and watch your portfolio grow in value as more people follow your lead and sign up.

5) After 5 working days if you want to reap your rewards make sure you CLOSE THE SHARE before you try to withdraw. (Trading 212 state that it may take up to 3 days to reach your account)

6) Visit the travel agent with an increased bank balance and decide where you are going to go next!!!!!!

This free share promotion will not last forever – So now it’s up to you, you can read this, say “meh” and do nothing at all, or you can read this an say “Hell Yeah” and invest your £1. This time next week you could be several £100 richer.

All it takes is one click …..and £1



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