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I am happy to welcome any guest blogs which may be of interest to readers & relate to either travel and/or world schooling.

As a world schooler who is always on the look out for new and enjoyable learning resources for my 7 yr old son I was delighted to recently receive an email from Kat Lerner, Community Manager from introducing the company and website to me.

Kat said: aims to empower parents, teachers, and homeschoolers to help their children build essential skills and excel. With over 12 million members, provides educators of all kinds with high-quality learning resources, including worksheets, lesson plans, digital games, an online guided learning platform, and more” is an American company which has many excellent resources covering a whole range of topics and subjects. They provide over 30,000 printable worksheets (some free and some chargeable) for both parents and teachers. Below is just one crossword example which Kat sent me demonstrating both the worksheet and the answer sheet.

She says “Hop aboard to learn about figurative language with this crossword puzzle worksheet! Visit to find more fun learning resources”

There is also an example of a simple multiplication math sheet:

My only comment as a world schooling parent who is on the move a lot and doesn’t often have ready access to a printer is that I would love to see the service enhanced to enable completion of many of this worksheets available online so that they could be done on an ipad of suchlike.

These worksheets certainly help make learning fun though which I know is one of the primary objectives of the company.

They also have two separate Twitter accounts which can be found at: @education_com and for younger children @preschoolers.

Hop aboard and visit to find more fun learning resources.


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