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We just can’t get enough!

With travel comes opportunity….with opportunity comes choice….with choice comes decision making!

There is no denying it, since we started travelling last July we have been pretty much living the dream life. However behind the scenes I have still been working very hard (honestly!) I have been dedicating many many hours to running my celebrancy and training business back home in the U.K. as well as blogging and promoting all things travel related – plus perhaps most importantly keeping my son’s education going by home schooling him on the road.

Mum’s classroom by the poolside. (Kuala Lumpur)

It was a gamble pulling a 6yr old out of school and I don’t deny that I had many concerns about it, however 11 months on I can put my hand on my heart and say it was the BEST decision I ever made. The things which he has been exposed to along with the experiences and social interaction he has been immersed in, there is no possible way he could have gained in the classroom. Our whole trip was planned with the intention of being as educational as possible and it has proved to be everything I wanted it to be for him and so much more

Living History, Geography and Anthropology – spending time with Aborigines in Australia (above)….and Maoris in New Zealand (below)

We have met many homeschooled & unschooled children on our journey, we have spoken to academic doctors and professors who have also taken their children our of mainstream education to see the world and who have gone on to graduate university with masters degrees, PHD’s etc. Travel truly is the best education you can give your children.

Marine Biology & Oceanography lessons, beneath the waves

So with the people we have met and the opportunities which have come our way for further travel experiences, I have been doing a lot of soul searching these last few weeks, talking things through with my family and trying to make decisions which most importantly centre around Cameron’s education, because I know that whatever decisions I make now will effect his entire future.

However with everything taken into consideration, this week I finally contacted his school to inform them that Cameron would not be going back to school this September as originally planned. Our Gap year of travel is now extending to TWO gap years, and after that…….well, who knows?!

We are yet to plan all of our journey for the next year, but we are already confirmed to spend 34 nights back aboard Holland American Lines MS Maasdam to enjoy more exploration of Pacific Ocean & Polynesian culture, and where Cameron can participate further in their EXC In-depth programme which without any shadow of a doubt has been the most enriching part of his world schooling so far.

We will be doing lots more blogging on that when the time comes, however we don’t sail from Auckland until 1st March 2020 and we are planning on spending several weeks in New Zealand before we sail and will explore some of Southern California when we dock in San Diego at the end of it.

Holland America Lines, MS Maasdam

And so the adventure continues … along with remote working! Decision making isn’t always easy but I am pretty sure the decision to continue this truly enriching experience is the right one. Non, je ne regrette rien.

Wise words of advice from EXC Lecturers on board the MS Maasdam.
The whole world at his fingertips….

3 thoughts on “We just can’t get enough!”

  1. Wonderful news for you both…who knows where this experience will lead you? Big thumbs up from us xxx


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