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Another suitcase in another hall.

June has been a crazy (and I mean CRAZY) month back in the UK. I have prepared and run two training courses away from home, I have visited my parents in rural mid-Wales, stripped my living room and dining room ready for decorating while we are away, turned around all my washing, ironing and packing about 3 times and bought & collected a new motor home!

I am not sure how I have got everything done in such a short space of time but my anxiety levels have been through the roof. I didn’t even know what day it was until earlier this week when trying to sort out an airport taxi for Saturday 1st July, that it was pointed out to me that the 1st July was actually on Monday!!! Oh the sheer relief of knowing I had 2 extra days to get organised was unbelievable!

So here we are now waiting at Gatwick Airport, bags checked in and waiting in departures for our next flight as the adventures continue.

Today is going to be a loooooong day, we have a 12hr flight to Hong Kong, a 3 hour wait at Hong Kong and then an onward flight of 5hrs to Bali.

We are ready, we are excited and the first glass of bubbly has already gone down nicely.

Let the next chapter of our adventure begin……..


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