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High Beeches Gardens, Handcross

Autumn in full glory..

High Beeches Gardens are situated on the B112 in Handcross, West Sussex RH17 6HQ and are open to the public every day except Wednesdays.

April – October 1pm – 5pm

November 10am – 3pm

December 10am – 4pm

A couple of weeks ago I was arranging a funeral ceremony for a lady who had died very unexpectedly at the age of just 61. During the course of my meeting with her family they shared with me the story of the time she had visited a place called High Beeches Garden and had been so busy enjoying their beauty and nattering with her friend that they had lost track of the time and as a result found themselves locked in. To make their escape they had to crawl out under the fence!

This story raised a few laughs when I retold it a few days later at her funeral at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium in Crawley. I had never heard of High Beeches Gardens before but by pure coincidence on the day I delivered her funeral the heavens literally opened and it rained like I have never seen it rain in many a year. My drive from Worthing to Crawley was somewhat of a white knuckle ride with minimal visibility due to low cloud, heavy rain, spray from other vehicles and roads quickly turning to rivers amidst the flash flooding. On my home again my sat nav diverted me to the back of beyond due to two accidents on both of main roads that would have normally taken me home.

As I meandered my way home along winding flooded roads on a route I didn’t know, I suddenly passed High Beeches Gardens – obviously it came to my notice immediately having been talking about it little over 30 minutes earlier. “Ooh” I thought “so there it is”. As I drove along past the car park entrance there was an additional big sign which read ‘Autumn Colours.’ With Autumn being my very favourite time of year I thought to myself “this is a very place I need to visit very soon whilst the trees are still in their autumn colours, but…I shall wait for a drier day!”

Well, the drier day came today and High Beeches didn’t disappoint, I almost thought I had been transported back to New England, not just 30 minutes from home. The Autumn colours truly were spectacular, and whilst the ground was still a little wet and slippery due to the amount of rain we have had this week, we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful late October day.

With the high winds we have also had this week, some of the trees were past their peak as the leaves had already fallen, but hey who doesn’t love to walk through the woods and kick their feet through the autumn leaves in their path? Cameron was in his element.

There is a charge to get into the gardens, but I have to say it was worth every penny and it was obvious to see how well maintained they are.

Adults £8.50

Concessions £8.00

Children (5-16) £2.00.

Of course having spent a couple of hours wandering around the gardens, you’ll probably be ready for a cuppa too, so you can take advantage of the Tearooms which serve a good selection of hot and cold foods including home made cakes and afternoon tea. We opted for the latter which then raised the debate as to whether you should put the cream or the jam on the scone first?? (Please feel free to add your opinion in the comments below…)

I can’t believe I haven’t discovered these gardens years ago but it was a wonderful way to spend an autumn afternoon, I shall most definitely be going back again in the spring!

To visit High Beeches website, click here


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