Our Travel Stories

Our adventure begins

I am a single Mum to two gorgeous children currently aged 20 and 6. I have been travelling extensively as a lone parent with my children since my eldest was just 2. My motto having always been very much “work hard and play hard”. We have been fortunate to travel to some amazing places worldwide and some of it within the luxury travel market.

Georgia is pretty much independent now and I am beyond proud of her for gaining her ‘wings’ last year when she went to work for Thomas Cook Airlines. She is lucky enough to now be paid for flying the world!

Although most of this Gap Year is going to be only myself and Cameron, we are very much hoping that Georgia may be able to fly out and join us on some of the sectors when she has sufficient time off work.

I couldn’t be happier that Georgia has inherited my love of travel and now gained wings of her own with Thomas Cook Airlines.

I have worked for the last 15 years as Celebrant, Trainer and Ceremony Facilitator, writing and delivering ceremonies for all of life’s milestones but predominantly within the funeral profession.

I have a passion for Ritual, Celebration, Travel and Writing, so now I am hoping combine all of those facets on the adventures ahead with Blogging, Travel Reviews and hopefully writing celebratory life stories about some of the people we meet along the way.

I am truly excited by life right now and can’t wait to share our experiences with the wider world.

Thank you for sharing and supporting our journey.

Terri & Cameron



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