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Safe Water Worldwide

  • Safe Drinking Water – Home or Away
  • We all know that water is the most important element we need to survive and hence why having a reliable source of clean, safe water to drink  when travelling overseas should be no 1 priority for everyone. Therefore I was delighted to find these incredible filtered water bottles from Water-to Go and have now brought one each for both myself and my two children for when we travel. The bottles are built with their own replaceable filters which last for up to 3 months. These filtered water bottles were created with technology originally developed for NASA and eliminate 99.9% of all microbiological contaminants and more, providing fresh, clean drinking water anywhere in the world. The quality of these filters is so sophisticated that it means you can source water from just about anywhere (except sea water).

    ‘Water-to-Go filtered water bottles mean you can access fresh water wherever you are in the world and are friendlier to the environment as they are BPA free and mean you can say goodbye to single use plastic water bottles.

    Did you know that each single use plastic water bottle takes in the region of 500 years to degrade? and therefore ever increasingly contribute to the earths plastic pollution. With Water-to-Go both the bottles and the filters are BPA free and all the materials used to make the components have been approved by the FDA (Food & drug administration in the U.S.A). The bottles come in 2 sizes. The 50cl bottle can filter approximately 130 litres with one filter (in around 2 months) and the 75cl bottle filter can be used for around 200 litres (in around 3 months)….just imagine how many plastic bottles that saves!

    Single use plastic water bottles contribute massively to the earths plastic pollution

    When I was in Dubai recently with temperatures anywhere between 43-46 degrees c each day we were glad for a ready supply of fresh drinking water. Our hotel put at least 10 free single bottles of water in our room each day, which naturally we were grateful for. However when you multiply that by the 1000’s of hotel rooms throughout Dubai alone and you have one massive environmental problem, especially given that Dubai doesn’t even have it’s own recycling plant yet! Whilst the drinking water there is generally safe, I felt I was still doing our bit for the environment by not using the single use bottles but instead filling up our Water-to-Go bottles and putting them in the fridge each night. It was especially reassuring to know that when we took them out in the sun the next day that being BPA free they were not giving off man made oestrogens (which have been claimed to cause harm and even lead to cancer) which other plastic bottles can leach into their water in once exposed to sunlight and warmer temperatures.

    Safe clean drinking water in safe BPA free bottles.


    • Safer for you
    • Safer for the environment
    • Better for your pocket £££

    Water-to-Go:  Water Bottles and Filters available from

    Mums Travel Blog Rating 9/10


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