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Tailor Made in Singapore.

Never in my life have I ever had any clothes made for me and at 5’10” & currently carrying far more weight than I care to admit to plus being very pear shaped, I really struggle to find well fitting clothes. 😢

I can’t tell you how many times I have just stood in fitting rooms wanting to cry because despite pulling outfit after outfit off the rails in my size just NOTHING fits well.

It seems that the fashion market happily caters for shorter rounder people, or taller skinny people, but not taller & rounder people!!!! To highlight the extent of the problem I face I once stood in a full body scanner in the middle to the Florida Mall which claims to measure all of your exact body measurements and then shows you the items to fit your body shape and size, and which stores each item is located in. My printout came back with ONE item, one pair of trousers in the whole of the Florida Mall to fit my body shape. Anyone who has ever visited the Florida Mall will know that it is massive with 100’s of shops. I was devastated.

So I spent half of my life wearing leggings & baggy tops, feeling like a sack of spuds and my self confidence is in my boots. (And before anyone comments, yes I know that I need to lose weight and it is a constant battle!!!)

Hence when a friend of mine recently said on Facebook that you can have clothes especially made for you in Singapore? I was very keen to investigate further. She said “just find a tailor & take in a picture of what you want and they will make it for you”

The prospect of having decent fitting clothes absolutely made my day, to be honest if I had the money or the space in my suitcase I would have had an entire new wardrobe made!!

I didn’t know where to start looking though, plus I know that a 7 yr old was not going to want to be dragged around the streets of Singapore looking for dressmakers.

Then by chance I discovered the Orchard Rendezvous Hotel located directly at the end of the street where our apartment was. I actually went in looking for a manicure, having discovered a nail salon on the internet, but as luck should have it when coming out of there that I noticed a Zarino’s Tailors located almost opposite within the hotel complex.

Zarino’s Tailor – Singapore

We were greeted by the most wonderful Gentleman by the name of Lucky and he couldn’t have been more charming or helpful. He arranged a time for me the following day to meet back there with his female tailor who discussed all of my requirements and took all of my measurements. Lucky helped me to choose the fabrics for 2 business outfits which I wanted for my celebrancy work – a black suit for funerals and a brighter outfit for weddings!

Zarino’s stocks a vast array of fabrics & silks in many colours, textures & patterns

Lucky’s tailoress took away the fabrics and 4 days later both outfits were back for fitting.

You don’t have to be visiting Singapore to have an outfit made for you however. You can whatsapp Lucky on +65 9646 9667 with your measurements & photos of the type of outfit you would like. He can send you back pictures of various materials for you to then choose from. Lucky tells me that it takes around 3-4 days for international delivery via DHL.

I would highly recommend Zarino’s Tailors for wonderful friendly service and superb tailoring.


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