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Flying over the Great Barrier Reef

There really are no words to explain how AMAZING it was to fly over the Great Barrier Reef. We were booked to do this yesterday but having got up early and been picked up for an early morning flight an overnight storm left a few rain showers and cloud around.

The flight company GSL Aviation told us that it was perfectly safe to still fly but with a fair bit of cloud still around we could opt to wait a day, which is what we choose to do.

Thankfully it was the right choice as visibility was so much better today and the views during our 40 minute reef hopper tour from Cairns airport was nothing short of magnificent.

Despite having made dozens of commercial flights in his life Cameron was a little nervous going up in such a small plane but once we were up he was glued to the views.

The 40 minute flight was Aus$199 each (approx £108) but well worth it, the memories will stay with me forever.

Another tick off the bucket list for me. We are due to do a second trip out to the reef next week, this time by boat to go snorkelling. The weather forecast isn’t great at the moment and as I write this another storm has moved in and thunder is rumbling around us and it’s raining hard – so we will keep our fingers crossed for that one.

In the meantime I’ll leave you the video I made of this mornings flight, as for this one I think that images will speak more than words:

Video: Flight over the Great Barrier Reef


1 thought on “Flying over the Great Barrier Reef”

  1. Wow! I must add this to my bucket list. I’ve never visited Aus or considered getting a flight over the great barrier reef. The views you got was spectacular and truly worth the money! In experiences like this, money does not matter. Memories matter. You created a great memory with your child. Looking forward to seeing the post and photos when you snorkel 🙂 x


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