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I’m busy doing nothing

Barbados – Sun, Sea, Sand…and cocktails !

Not going to lie, all those months travelling with a 7 year old (6 when we set out) was hard going at times, add to the mix providing him with an education and running my business remotely, it was pretty full on and as amazing as the whole experience was, there wasn’t really many times when I totally switched off and relaxed.

Hence being child free for week in Barbados with my best friend of 40 years was exactly what we both needed. A time to switch off, relax, detach, re-evaluate life and laugh A LOT was what we both needed.

I haven’t had a holiday break away from Cameron for over 3 years and this is the longest I have ever been away from him for, so it was hard leaving and I did have an element of guilt, but he didn’t seem in the slightest bit bothered and was looking forward to a week with my ex-husband, big sister and 2 new kittens!

Pretty much as soon as we stepped on the plane the fun & relaxation began. It was helped by the fact that British Airways promptly presented us with 2 small bottles of Cava and congratulated me on being a member of their executive club for 10 years. Kathie went into embarrassed mode thinking other passengers may think we were lesbians on honeymoon, but hey if it gets you free bubbly or an upgrade we’re going to milk it the best we can!

Barbados is one of my favourite places in the world, it’s pretty much guaranteed weather all year round, beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters – what’s not to love.

This is my 4th trip to this island, however past trips have been a little more fast tempo, trying to keep children happy, fed and entertained.

This holiday is simply an opportunity for some self care, to relax and re-charge the batteries. So we happily admit we have spent a these last few days busy doing nothing. Soaking up sunshine, enjoying a steady supply of cocktails and dividing most of our time between the sand and sea (probably explains my affinity with turtles!)

Talking of Turtles, yesterday we got to snorkel with such, I have done this several times before and it’s always the highlight of my visits here, but if you do it, then book through locals and support their businesses rather than just fuelling the profits of the big hotels. I’d also recommend going out on a smaller boat rather than the large catamaran trips. The catamaran trips are great fun and well worth doing as well, but if you want an up close and personal encounter with the turtles without getting kicked in the face by other tourists then I would most definitely opt for a smaller boat trip.

Fernando – use locals for a cheaper friendlier service.

Whether you want to keep busy each and every day with sightseeing and activities or if you basically want to pure rest and relaxation, Barbados has it all and caters for many budgets. This trip we stayed at Mango Bay which is a small all inclusive hotel in Holetown. My last visit here 2 years ago was spent at the Tropical Sunset Hotel just a few yards along the road which was self catering. Both have proved to be great stays and are set on a beautiful beach. Given the choice of shops and restaurants around here I think next time I will opt for the self catering again as offers wider choice of cuisine and flexibility, it also once again supports local businesses and opens more opportunities to immerse into local culture and community.

Barbados truly is one of the friendliest islands in the world though, it’s safe with a very low crime rate and locals who do genuinely want to give you a great time.

For us this week though, it’s been great to relax, take stock, have fun in the sun and appreciate life. I have of course missed my children but we also now plan of making a ritual of our one week a year child free holiday!


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