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Review: Treetops Executive Residences, Singapore.

Treetops Executive Residences was a fantastic find for a family based stay in Singapore. Located at 7 Orange Grove Road, it lays just a few metres away from the junction of Orchard Road & Tanglin Road, both of which host an array of shops, restaurants & bus stops. The nearest bus stop which includes that… Continue reading Review: Treetops Executive Residences, Singapore.

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Singapore – add it to the bucket list!

I admit that out of all the places I have wanted to visit Singapore has never been on my bucket list, in all honesty I didn't know a huge amount about it. However whilst doing some research on a world schooling forum several parents commented on how safe it was and how much there was… Continue reading Singapore – add it to the bucket list!

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Tailor Made in Singapore.

Never in my life have I ever had any clothes made for me and at 5'10" & currently carrying far more weight than I care to admit to plus being very pear shaped, I really struggle to find well fitting clothes. 😢 I can't tell you how many times I have just stood in fitting… Continue reading Tailor Made in Singapore.

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World Schooling – It’s not just for kids!

I knew from day 1 that travelling the world was going to be an incredible learning opportunity for my 6 yr old (now 7yr old) son. I just don't think I realised the enormity of knowledge that it was going to bring to my own life too. I have always had a lifelong love of… Continue reading World Schooling – It’s not just for kids!

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Education Resources for World Schoolers

Guest Blog information from I am happy to welcome any guest blogs which may be of interest to readers & relate to either travel and/or world schooling. As a world schooler who is always on the look out for new and enjoyable learning resources for my 7 yr old son I was delighted to… Continue reading Education Resources for World Schoolers

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We went to the cinema!!!!

I know, I know, it doesn't sound that exciting does it?? but Cameron quite firmly pointed out to me yesterday "you choose what we get to do everyday and I never get to choose". He was pretty much right! Although I do try to think of things which I hope he will enjoy and engage… Continue reading We went to the cinema!!!!

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Want to make more money for travelling? Read on…….

Is there really such thing as money for nothing? Well YES, at the moment it actually appears that there really is, and you can start earning it with FREE SHARES right now by simply clicking this link: first let me explain a little bit more behind this and why I have decided to share… Continue reading Want to make more money for travelling? Read on…….

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Gardens by the Bay – Singapore

One thing I am learning about travelling is that it doesn't matter how many photos you look at, or much you read about certain places in advance, nothing comes close to actually being there - taking in a 360 degree, three dimensional view, absorbing sights, sounds & smells etc. That is most certainly true of… Continue reading Gardens by the Bay – Singapore

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Malaysia – A Hidden Gem

I read in another blog recently the author questioning why so many travellers head to Thailand and Bali but seem to miss out Malaysia? I have not yet been to Thailand or Bali as this is is our first stop in South East Asia, but it most certainly wont be my last. Malaysia most certainly… Continue reading Malaysia – A Hidden Gem

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We can’t help everybody…..

....but everybody can help somebody. People keep telling me constantly "Cameron is such a lucky little to have this experience of travelling the world". Yes he is, and I am lucky to be sharing it with him and getting to see the world through his eyes. There are lots of things which I want him… Continue reading We can’t help everybody…..