Gloria A True Story

Gloria – Part 13

Sunset and Sunrises Having been given part of Marks ashes in San Francisco in 2010 I kept them close to me for years. I did offer Gloria the chance to take them back to Wales with her but she felt they should stay with me as I had done all the searching and travelling the… Continue reading Gloria – Part 13

Gloria A True Story

Gloria – Part 11

Australia - Meetings, Lies and New Life In February 2011 I needed to visit Melbourne anyway for both personal and professional reasons. The International College of Celebrancy with whom I was working alongside in my Celebrancy Training business were based there…and the personal reasons will become clear in the next chapter. So in visiting Melbourne… Continue reading Gloria – Part 11

Gloria A True Story

Gloria – Part 10

Your love echoes around the world In April 2010 my daughter Georgia and I boarded a plane from London to San Francisco. Georgia was only 12 at the time and looking back I realise just how much emotion she too was carrying for a girl of her age but boy did she carry well. She… Continue reading Gloria – Part 10

Gloria A True Story

Gloria – Part 9

Letters from Australia The letter which arrived from Marks adoptive mother in Australia was warm and heartfelt. It clearly came from a lady who was still absolutely distraught over losing her son and she explained that only recently, over 5 years later she had just started to receive bereavement counselling. Then with the contact from… Continue reading Gloria – Part 9

Gloria A True Story

Gloria – Part 8

‘Getting to know Mark’ Mum and I waited and waited for a reply from Marks adoptive family in Australia but still nothing came. We obviously respected their emotions and feelings completely; they too had lost a much loved son and brother and suddenly after 5 and a bit years the long lost family come searching.… Continue reading Gloria – Part 8

Gloria A True Story

Gloria – Part 6

Finding Michael It was around Spring 1987 when Mum dropped that second bombshell. After a lot of soul searching and several letters to and from Australia, she had decided NOT to look for Michael. To this day I still wonder who those letters were to and from - was she corresponding with the Sisters of… Continue reading Gloria – Part 6

Gloria A True Story

Gloria – Part 2

“You’ve got a brother…” I still remember it as if it were just yesterday, I was sat in an old armchair in the corner of our dining room. It was October 1986 and I was 15. My beloved Nana (Mums mum) had died in February of the same year and my grandfather had been very… Continue reading Gloria – Part 2

Mums Musings

Celebrating Thanksgiving 2019

Some of my British friends think it's a little strange that we as a family celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK but this has become a ritual in our lives for the last 11 years now and with our ever increasing busy lives it is a lovely opportunity to re-connect with our nearest and dearest,… Continue reading Celebrating Thanksgiving 2019