Gloria A True Story

Gloria – Part 13

Sunset and Sunrises Having been given part of Marks ashes in San Francisco in 2010 I kept them close to me for years. I did offer Gloria the chance to take them back to Wales with her but she felt they should stay with me as I had done all the searching and travelling the… Continue reading Gloria – Part 13

Mums Musings

Life, Loss and Love during lockdown.

Since we got back from our travels almost two months early on 30th March, life has been slightly surreal to say the least. We stepped out of a pretty normal life in Auckland on 1st March when we boarded the M.S. Maasdam cruise ship and 28 days later we stepped off into what felt like… Continue reading Life, Loss and Love during lockdown.

Our Travel Stories

Covid 19 – Stranded at sea

We are currently stuck on the Holland America Line cruise ship MS Maasdam in the middle of the South Pacific. Unfortunately however none of my blogs with any content or photos will currently upload with the poor wifi, so if anyone wants to follow our current “adventure” then please like our facebook page ‘Mums Travel… Continue reading Covid 19 – Stranded at sea