Gloria A True Story

Gloria – Part 9

Letters from Australia The letter which arrived from Marks adoptive mother in Australia was warm and heartfelt. It clearly came from a lady who was still absolutely distraught over losing her son and she explained that only recently, over 5 years later she had just started to receive bereavement counselling. Then with the contact from… Continue reading Gloria – Part 9

Gloria A True Story

Gloria – Part 7

Michael becomes Mark… The phone call I had received from Greg from Network Seven in Australia left me absolutely broken, not only for myself but more so for Mum. I received the call from him just before midnight and sat up the entire night just sobbing hysterically like I have never sobbed either before or… Continue reading Gloria – Part 7

Gloria A True Story

Gloria – Part 3

‘Bon Voyage’ Gloria’s upbringing was a very strict and traditional one. Her Mother Betty was born in 1906 and her father Percy in 1910, years when Great Britain was only just emerging from the Victorian Era. Her parents both grew up around the Ealing area of London. Percy was one was two children who spent… Continue reading Gloria – Part 3