Our Travel Stories

King Neptune Ceremony.

Today, 1st May 2019 at around 2am we crossed the equator aboard the MS Maasdam. It wasn't the first time we had crossed from one hemisphere to another but previous occasions have been only in aircraft, so today was the first time we had actually sailed across the line, and whatsmore we now each have… Continue reading King Neptune Ceremony.

Our Travel Stories

Quarantined on board ship!

This week hasn't been the best, Cameron got struck down with the flu and was VERY poorly for 48hrs, but thankfully as many kids do he has now bounced up as quickly as he went down. When we arrived in the port of Moorea, Tahiti a few days ago he was quite hot and off… Continue reading Quarantined on board ship!

Travel Tips

Gratuities and Tips…

...Should they be earned or just given freely despite the level of service? I am sure there is a good discussion to be had as to whether gratuities and tips should be an automatic addition to a bill or should only be given where good service is deserving of such? My personal view however is… Continue reading Gratuities and Tips…