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Getting ready for 2020 adventures…..

When I look back on 2019 I can’t quite believe all the places we have been and everything we have done, it’s truly been incredible and I don’t take a single moment for granted. Looking back these are just a few of our 2019 highlights, our first circumnavigation of the globe (and then some more!) …

Kuala Lumpur
Australia (Part 1)
New Zealand Cruise
Australia (Part 2)
South Pacific / French Polynesia
San Francisco / North California
Hawaii (Oahu & Maui)
Barbados (Child Free holiday!!)


…and home in UK for Christmas 🎄

Of course in addition to everything above, we have literally 1000’s more photos and a million more memories. It goes without saying that 2019 has been the very best year of my life.

Whilst travelling and between latter trips I have also been working ridiculously hard (I know the photos don’t show that but I honestly have!!!!!). Now here we are just a few days away from not only a New Year but a brand new decade, and we intend to make the most of every second of the roaring 20’s ! (BTW – what are supposed to have called these last 10 years in the ‘teens’?)

Our next adventure begins at the end of January when we plan on circumnavigating the globe AGAIN, re-visiting a few places we loved and want to return to but exploring many new ones as well.

So here is is the plan (so far) although I am keeping a little more flexibly than last time…

We will fly out out London Heathrow in January and head for Singapore, We ended up in Singapore twice this year and we LOVE it there so it seemed a natural choice to break up the first leg of the journey when we head back down under.

We won’t spend as long in Australia this time as realistically I ticked off all my bucket list places there this time, but Cameron still desperately wants to go on the Puffing Billy Railway and as we didn’t go to Melbourne last time we will land there and then drive east through Victoria to the Yarra Valley (praying that Australia might have seen some rain by then and put an end to the bush fires too).

I intended to only visit Melbourne area this trip but then I discovered Queen were performing with Adam Lambert in Sydney whilst we are there and with both Cameron and I both being big Queen fans it seemed to be a ‘must do’ to add to the agenda. I’m not quite sure yet how Cam will react the the noise and crowds but he seems excited and I have bought him some children’s ear defenders just in case it gets too much.

From Sydney we will fly to Auckland where we will pick up a rental car and spend a couple of weeks taking a road trip around the North Island. I’m am quite excited knowing that for once I will also be driving on the right side of the road, or should I say the left side?!

After spending our final few days in New Zealand staying with some lovely friends we met on this years travels we will again board the MS Maasdam and spend the next 5 weeks at sea sailing across the Pacific to San Diego. Although this is a similar passage to the one we did this year it is 10 days longer and whilst we get to go back to our favourite islands in the Cook Islands, Tahiti and Bora Bora we will also visit several new islands in Fiji, Polynesia and Hawaii.

Once we dock in San Diego in April we will spend the next month in Southern California, staying in San Diego itself, Palm Springs, Anaheim, Pasadena and Los Angeles. From Los Angeles we shall make our way up to Seattle (still undecided as to whether we do this by rail or plane?) and in Seattle we shall board another cruise ship and sail up though Alaska as well as exploring part of the White Pass and Yukon by train. (Wherever Cam is involved then rail is always going to feature heavily in our travels!!) Once we rock back in Seattle we shall have another few days there before flying home for a quick pit stop back in the U.K. having completely circumnavigated the globe for the second time.

Our adventures will not stop there however, it won’t be long until we will be boarding ANOTHER flight to Singapore (can you tell we love it there?) but after a few days to recover from jet lag, we shall be on the move and will explore Penang, Phuket, Bangkok, then work our way up through Vietnam to Hong Kong and then finally make another big tick off my bucket list which has been there since I was about 7 years old and visit Japan.

After that, who knows??? Cam is due to go back to school in September, but then I said that this time last year!!, so watch this space……..

THANK YOU all for following our adventures and supporting our travels. We wish you all a very Happy New Year and look forward to sharing a lot more of this wonderful world with you throughout 2020.



2 thoughts on “Getting ready for 2020 adventures…..”

  1. Wonderful news about setting off again, expanding Cameron’s mind is the best thing about travel. We are very lucky to be going to Zanzibar in January. Rob got the ok from the cardiologist – off for a bit of R&R in the sun xxx Safe travels and I look forward to the blogs xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We are really excited about going again! I am so glad to hear Rob is on the mend too, AMAZING that you were able to give him CPR. Hope you have a fabulous time in Zanzibar and keep living life to the full xxx


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