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A new adventure is about to begin

Around the globe AGAIN in 2020

It’s almost a year to the day that Cameron and I set off for our first circumnavigation around the globe. Little did we know then that in 12 months time we would be getting ready to do it all over again (plan A had been for him to return to school last September)

But here we are, suitcases out and just 10 days before the next adventure begins. I feel I am facing it with the same balance and yet totally different mix of emotions to when we set out this time last year: 50% excitement and 50% fear! In all honesty a year ago I was running away – from life. (Some may call it a mid life crisis!). I didn’t know what to expect?, but whatever it was I was looking for I found it in abundance and then some. I learned about the world but more importantly I learned so much about myself. I came back a very different person to the one who left.

Hence it is a different person who is packing up to leave again this year; stronger, wiser, bolder, more confident, more independent, yet still with a little apprehension for whatever lies ahead, and for what I am leaving behind. The changed woman who returned to the U.K. last August has changed her life here as well, consciously strengthening relationships with those around me, including myself.

Stronger friendships and stronger bonds with family naturally make it harder to leave. Just ‘very’ recently I have opened my heart to someone too, kind of strange that I travel all around the globe to realise that I actually care deeply for someone who has been right there under my nose for the past 12 years!! Bang went my ‘I’m a strong independent woman, I don’t need anyone’ mantra, down fell the barriers when I felt strong protective arms around me and was suddenly reminded of just how vulnerable I actually am inside after all. Naturally though I suddenly have to question the timing of going away for months on end, but as usual I just have to keep looking forward to what’s ahead and allow ‘whatever will be, will be

On the down side December & January have had some exceptionally low moments too. The death of a very dear friend that I grew up living next door to, followed by the deaths of 4 celebrants whom I have trained within 4 weeks (all to cancer) and my parents being moved into a care home from Wales to Somerset without anyone telling me or giving me their new address and spending weeks worrying & trying to trace them whilst my son has been waking up with nightmares thinking Nana & Grandpa have been kidnapped….and that’s cutting a very long story short!! It means however that we haven’t had the opportunity to say goodbye to them though and at the ages of 85 & 82 and not in good health, I am realistic to the possibility that one or both of them may not be here when we get back, which is a scary and hurtful prospect. I just take comfort that when I saw them both in hospital earlier in December that I left them each smiling and happy.

It’s also exceptionally hard to leave my daughter because after our own struggles we are perhaps closer now than we have ever been in our lives. We have both worked hard on ourselves and with each other to reach this place, and it’s beautiful. Georgia is thriving with her own career and also busy house hunting with her boyfriend, so they have exciting things ahead for their futures too and with technology as it is we can still facetime each day no matter where we are in the world. Plus I know with her own experience and thirst for travel she will continue to explore the world in her own time (and hopefully now with her own money too 🙏🏻🤣)

House hunting with the younger generation!

We shall also miss our fur babies like crazy, especially since we welcomed 2 new kittens into the family back in August. We know they will be well taken care of whilst we are away though.

But with all things put aside, we are ready, SO ready for this next journey and incredibly excited for whatever may unfold for us this time. The much loved and familiar faces of some dear friends and extended family members to catch up with along the way, and hopefully, just as last year, some brand new friends to meet along the way too.

The world is waiting, but this year I am not running away, I am simply going away.

First stop Singapore. Please come along with us for the journey.

This is an outline of our itinerary for the next few months……


3 thoughts on “A new adventure is about to begin”

  1. Wow! A very full Itinerary! Looks amazing!
    Looking forward to reading and again following in your virtual footsteps!
    Best of luck with all travels, health and accommodations.

    God speed to you both
    Love Jan xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, what an amazing itinery and I see Singapore seems to be an anchor point which will be fab for Cameron. Safe, happy travels .
    Love Aly x


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