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GeoSure App – Review

As a single mother travelling the world with my children, safety is always my number one concern, hence when I saw a tweet put out for travel bloggers to review the new GeoSure App for travel safety I was keen to take a closer look.

Information that you hear about various travel destinations around the the world are all too often based on just one persons opinion. Even just in planning our own travels friends and colleagues have quickly added “oh we had a fantastic time” or “we hated it because….” even “I’ve heard that…..”

The GeoSure app gives a much more balanced view of safety relating to 1000’s of travel destinations around the world.

Each destination is given an overall score (the lower the score out of 100 the safer the destination is considered to be)

However not only is each destination given an overall score, the app actually breaks down various areas of safety into 5 categories as follows:

Women’s Safety

Physical Harm


Political Freedoms

Health & Medical.

The following are screen shot examples of the scoring for my home town in Worthing, West Sussex (U.K.)

Data for GeoSure is gathered from various sources which include: CDH, WHO, The United Nations and Local Authorities.

There is also an opportunity for tourists to share their own experience of a destination; either that all is good, or if you have witnessed/experienced any unprecedented events in any place you visit you can report it within the app. The app then consistently considers the real time data provided by users and updates destination scores accordingly.

Whilst I know that absolutely nothing is guaranteed in any area of safety, I would be happy to recommend this app as I feel it gives really good overall guidance for safety considerations when planning worldwide travel. As a single mother generally travelling with either one or both of my kids (daughter 21, son 6) I particularly welcome the category of women’s safety and would definitely use this for looking at future destinations to visit.


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