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There’s no place like home!

Christmas Day 2018

I rarely get home sick when I’m travelling, but alas today, Christmas day I was feeling it. I admit I am missing home and missing the rest of my family. Don’t get me wrong we have had a happy fun filled day at sea, but it didn’t really feel like Christmas. For all the decorations and the food there really is ‘no place like home’.

Cameron had a few tears too this evening and said he was missing home so I know he felt it too. It’s strange how we long for a day off from cooking the Christmas dinner and just have the chance to relax, but actually when it comes down to it it’s all a part of the ritual and I felt a bit lost without it.

My parents are useless with technology, but today their carer got them each to record a little Christmas video message for us which meant the world as it was totally unexpected (even with the shite onboard wifi service that Carnival Cruise provide at great expense it took all day to download the two videos which were less than 20 seconds each!!)

Unexpected video messages from my parents meant the world

Christmas dinner on board the Carnival Dream was a slight non event as well. Bland turkey and NO VEGETABLES, not to mention pigs in blankets!!

I brought my America friend a Christmas Pudding which I gave him last week and he was over the moon with it ..and guess what? I have just discovered that they don’t sell currants in the U.S.A – no Christmas Pudding, no fruit Christmas Cake and no mince pies!!

25th December is technically just a date though, we will be home next week and will have our Christmas Day on 1st January instead – even though I will be hugely jet lagged and exhausted as we have a long journey home the day before with 2 connecting flights and approximately 7 hours to kill between 2 airports Zzzz. I am just looking forward to having all my family around me for one day and celebrating Christmas in the way we always do.

Tomorrow we shall be docking in Montego Bay, Jamaica and we have a day of snorkelling & sailing ahead, so I am sure once we are occupied & busy again in a new destination I shall get back into the holiday spirit and my mojo will return.

This little man has enjoyed his Christmas though – and yes, I have given up tucking his shirt in, because his trousers as just too big! 🤣

To all who read our blog, we hope you have had a very happy day, no matter where or how you are celebrating.


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