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30 days in Ketosis

No, it’s not some far away Greek Island (although that would have been my preferred option!)

What a month August has proved to to be, although I have technically been ‘home’ I don’t think I have spent more than 4 consecutive nights in my own bed! Life has felt a little out of control for various reasons but what I have been totally in control over is what I have put in my mouth. For the first time in many years, possibly ever I am ensuring that my body has good food to fuel it.

It’s now 30 days since I began the keto diet and I have to say it’s the best thing I ever did. 30 days in and I am19lbs lighter. The first two weeks the weight literally fell of me, although I am sure much of that was water. However 2 weeks in and I was 14lbs down, then exactly as predicted on the keto diet I plateaued for precisely 7 days in week three whilst my body went through its re-set programme, this last week another 5lbs has been released. (I am not going to say ‘lost’ because I never want to find it again!!)

Sticking to a keto plan has been really easy, although mindset still plays a massive part in it. There have been times when I looked at something yummy I couldn’t have and thought “oooh that looks nice” but then I focus on the thought of walking into a clothes shop, finding a little sexy number to wear and being able to say “ooh that looks nice – AND IT FITS”

I have had every excuse under the sun to fall off the wagon this month, I’ve eaten out with friends, had take aways, been working away from home (with refreshments and biscuits stuck in front of me every few hours), I’ve dated and had a weekend away in a luxury hotel in London including beautiful meals in fabulous restaurants, spent a week at my parents in Wales whilst their kitchen was being ripped out with all sorts of added complications (which saw my parents being put into emergency respite care)…and to top it all off, my Dad having a fall whilst in said respite care and ending up in hospital!!!! It’s been a whirlwind of highs, lows, stresses and all sorts of extremes – but somehow throughout it all, I have stayed totally on track and ended the month 19 lbs lighter than I started it.

Now, stage two of the plan which I am following begins and this means the next 14 days without dairy! Eek, I am actually going to find this more difficult that anything else as going without chocolate and alcohol I can pretty much do without too much of a struggle, but…NO CHEESE is quite frankly going to be unbearable. I swear it is more addictive than heroin! (For info, the plan I am following is called The Ketogenic Switch with Deborah Murtagh and it’s FABULOUS)

It is however only 32 days until I fly to Barbados with my best friend (who has just lost 4 stone and is looking fabulous) so naturally I don’t want to be tagging along as the fat friend, whilst she flaunts herself in her new bikinis!!

I am aiming to lose another stone (14lbs) before we go, but as well as the benefits of weight loss I have never felt better in myself than I have done since switching to a keto lifestyle. My clothes are finally starting to feel loser, so whilst I may not be flaunting my itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini on the beach in Barbados this year…..It should at least be one size smaller than the last one!


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