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Borde Hill Gardens – West Sussex

The majority of our year of World Schooling year is going to be spent overseas, however there will be a couple of short periods in between trips when we will be back in Sussex and I am determined to maximise those opportunities and explore new places in and around my home county. I am very… Continue reading Borde Hill Gardens – West Sussex

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Should you fly Business Class with children?

Should I fly business/first class with young children? I have often seen this question asked on social media forums and I know there will be people out there shouting a resounding "No" in fact I know there are people out there who would like to see children banned from flights altogether! However these little humans… Continue reading Should you fly Business Class with children?

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Trip to Wales – Land of Dragons, and my parents!

The strange thing about planning a round the world Gap Year is that it has also given me and even greater appreciation of what's pretty much on my doorstep and made me realise there is also so much of the U.K that I haven't seen. I am hoping to rectify some of that in the… Continue reading Trip to Wales – Land of Dragons, and my parents!

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Safe Water Worldwide

Safe Drinking Water - Home or AwayWe all know that water is the most important element we need to survive and hence why having a reliable source of clean, safe water to drink  when travelling overseas should be no 1 priority for everyone. Therefore I was delighted to find these incredible filtered water bottles from… Continue reading Safe Water Worldwide

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Flying with kids

Top Tips for flying for young children! When we fly it is on most occasions meant to be the start of a long awaited 'relaxing' holiday. However add kids to the mix and suddenly the word 'relaxation' goes straight out of the window. Let's face it airports and aircrafts are not fun places for children… Continue reading Flying with kids

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Top Tips for avoiding and treating mosquito bites.

It's hard to believe that these tiny little blighters can inflict so much pain and misery, let alone death in some countries, but as we well know they do. As I write this I am sitting in a hotel room in Andalusia, Spain with one ankle swollen up like a balloon and wanting to rip… Continue reading Top Tips for avoiding and treating mosquito bites.

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Dubai in July hot, hot hot!

Several people have asked me why I have chosen to come to Dubai in July when it is SO hot (43 -46 degrees) Truth is that we booked this destination as a stand alone holiday before we decided to take the year off to go travelling and chose Dubai solely on the availability of the… Continue reading Dubai in July hot, hot hot!

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Littlehampton Miniature Railway – A hidden gem

Littlehampton Miniature Railway & Mewsbrook Park, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN16 2LX Whilst I am a self confessed Travel Addict, I also feel very blessed to have my roots in West Sussex. Being nestled between the South Downs and the Sea, I really do have the best of both worlds. Just a few miles along the… Continue reading Littlehampton Miniature Railway – A hidden gem

Mums Musings

Farewell to Fear.

I remember when I was a young child my mother was rather over protective about the things we could and couldn't do - the reason why? She worked as a nurse in A&E and had always treated 'someone' who had hurt themselves on or with 'something'. Having worked in the funeral profession myself now for… Continue reading Farewell to Fear.